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Awaken The Hidden Power Of Your Mind

The Silva Starter Kit is a 9-part Silva Method online program containing everything you need to start awakening the hidden power of your mind.

No Prior Experience Is Necessary

Everything is in this kit, including the world famous Centering Exercise, creativity-boosting exercises, and dynamic problem solving techniques. Training your mind is a progressive process, which means this will benefit anyone from any level.

Accessed By Over 1.5 Million People

Since it’s release in May 2004, this kit has been accessed by over 1.5 million people across the world. It is by far our most popular introduction to the world of The Silva Method – and also the most

Perfect Place To Start

If you have heard about the powerful benefits of Silva, or if you tried it years ago and want to refresh your mental training this Starter Kit is the perfect place to start.

We’ve Done The Research

Founded in 1960 with humble beginning self-taught parapsychologist Jose Silva developed ‘Silva Mind Control’ to help his children do better in school and increase their chances of success in life. Since then, this dynamic meditation technique has evolved

Considered the original and most imitated meditation program in the U.S., The Silva Method teaches students specialized guided imagery techniques to rewire their subconscious and negative programming, tap into their true potential and achieve their goals.

- Jose Silva

Realize Your Full Potential and Live the Life of Your Design

The Original Mind-empowerment Methodology, The Silva Method

To me, The Silva Method is one of the best programs I invested in. Or should I say Silva invested in me?…the Silva Method is a powerful tool to create the life we want, the life that feels good.

-Ed van der Werk

I took the course over twenty years ago. It has stood by my side, and rested in my heart helping me meet challenges I never anticipated. I’ve often surprised myself. Silva made me the tiger that I am.

-Barbara Silkstone

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Your Silva Instructor is an expert in teaching you how to communicate with and master your inner self.