Special Techniques Triggers Creative Solutions For You

Special Techniques Triggers Creative Solutions For You
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Special Techniques Triggers Creative Solutions For You

As a Silva Method graduate, you have opened the door at level to create the link of perfect partnership between your left and right brain hemispheres. At times, however, you may think that this line of communication gets clogged or slows down.


What can you do if this happens?


Sometimes you need to jiggle things or use a little something extra. So Jose Silva gave us a special cueing mechanism to use to help trigger that link into action towards better problem solving: the Glass of Water Technique.


The Glass of Water Technique can be a very wonderful aid in looking for solutions to problems you have in mind. It is a concrete act that serves as a cueing mechanism to your total intelligence and gets it to help you alert your two hemispheres to come together and work on a problem.

But how do you get the answer?
Silva Method graduates that I have talked to seem to get a lot of help in problem-solving through their dreams. In fact, many books and articles have been written on how artists, philosophers, and even scientists owe some of their best ideas to inspirations that came in dreams.

Using the Glass of Water Technique, you have asked your deep inner conscious levels for help, because you know these levels serve to guide and serve you.


Unfortunately, as Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung pointed out, for many, the consciousness is also known for its resistance to anything unconscious and unknown. So, you may have to practice daily to keep that perfect partnership established.


Also, you may want to consider keeping a dream journal. Remember, no one else can really interpret your dreams for you. Sure, someone else may be able to help you in a general way, but you are the ultimate interpreter.


Dreams are normal everyday events and should be considered as coming from a very rational level of existence from within your total nature. As such, you might ask what they are really trying to tell you.

Dr. Jung says that dreams usually have a definite purpose in what images are released by them into the dream state. The general function of dreams, he notes, is to attempt to get the consciousness to restore a psychological balance within the life of the personality.
Dreams can and do give warnings of wrong behavior, and when these dreams are ignored, real accidents sometimes follow.
So our conscious, through our dreams, can be used to solve problems that we have in mind (Glass of Water Technique) and can try to solve those problems we don’t have in mind consciously, but that do exist in our attitudes and behavior.
Mind Control Is…
“Planting a program and reaping it. It is knowing that you can achieve what you can conceive and that you can get what you want without hurting others.”

Thanks to Ray Tobias of Deerfield, IL, for his idea of what Mind Control Is…


Better and better,

Diana Silva

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