Teachers Of Mastery

Silva Instructors are dedicated to empowering the individual with a set of mind skills to better their life and create a better world in which to live.

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Comprehensive, Dynamic, & Fun!

The comprehensive step-by-step training Silva instructors attend prepares them to guide others with the kind of confidence that only experience can provide. Silva Instructors teach the Silva Method because it works. This fact, gives our colleagues a passion for sharing these life empowering methods with people from all walks of life. Trained in the most current and effective delivery methods, you will find their presentations engaging, thought provoking, interactive, and fun!

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Learning With The Best Of The Best

The Silva Method was a ground breaking phenomenon 50 years ago and one reason it continues to be innovative today is because of its dedication to keeping a finger on the pulse of exploration. Building on the solid accomplishments of our founder, Jose Silva. This is why we can confidently stand by our claim that Silva seminars offer the most consistent, comprehensive, effective mind training programs available!

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As Silva Instructors

We are dedicated to empowering the mind, and in this way creating a better world for all - one individual at a time. Today, you have the opportunity to join the ranks of the Silva students who have come before you.

In most meditative training, you are told what to do but not why you do it. Silva Instructors not only guide you through the meditative experience, they thoroughly explain your experience, step-by-step, so that you can duplicate it easily, anytime and anywhere. Silva Instructors train you to understand and use what we call subjective points of reference that will help deepen your meditative experience every time you practice.

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