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Take Charge of Your Life - From the Inside Out

Ken Coscia knows what he's talking about when he says the Silva Method will enrich the world by empowering individuals. He is one of those people who has manifested dramatic results. His first experiences with Silva Method took him from being a D student to graduating Cum Laude from Boston University, from being a guy who lived on headache medication to one who has lived headache free now for 41+ years. (Not to mention teaching his mother how to heal herself of chronic asthma and arthritis.)

With a background in Business and Managerial Psychology, he is blessed with an ability to integrate keen heartfelt intuition with logic; and a gift for explaining scientific principles in a practical easy to understand manner. This is the essence of the Silva Method---practical, easy to use, and effective.

Kens commitment to this work is deeply felt and it shows up in his fun-loving, friendly, and above all, patient teaching style. He values the Silva Method's hands on approach to learning practical skills that will inspire his students to:

>> Get focused
>> Find solutions
>> Discover the intuitive Flow
>> Shift to a mindset geared to success
>> Boost productivity the natural and easy way
>> Create health and resilience

Ken is one of Silva's most experienced instructors. In his twenties, he was handpicked by Jose Silva to serve on the elite Silva International staff and today you will find Ken on stage with some of the industry greats as he continues to teach Silva classes all over the world. As one of the trainers, he is responsible for maintaining Silva's educational standards and stays up-to-date on related topics in brain science and behavioral studies.

Rest assured that under Ken's guidance, this in-depth, personalized training system will take you to deeper levels of your own creative mind, sparking the profound and lasting changes you want for your life.

Class size is limited to 24 in each location


Ken G. Coscia


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