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Stephen A. Dobos -- Silva Life System

  • 09-04-2016  --  10-04-2016   |
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  • Venue: TORONTO


This seminar combines both Silva Life System (1st weekend) and Silva Intuition System (2nd weekend) for the complete Silva Method flagship live seminar course. The 4-Day Immersion trains you to use guided imagery and focused awareness to achieve your goals. As well as training you to recognize and take control of your intuition, that part of you that feels a hunch, or has a sudden insight to solve the big and small problems you are confronted with each day. With intuition you are able to fully understand something not easily apparent by rational or logical means alone.

You will learn habit control, accelerated learning, intuition and healing. You will learn how to use more of your mind to collect information from a distance, with the objective to detect and correct abnormalities of a person you have never met from the comfort of your arm chair.

Course is taught over two consecutive weekends and graduates can attend the program separately.

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