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After reading this question, many users may ask, why do I need to do it? Why should I awaken my subconscious mind, when I am doing just fine?

Well, an interesting fact is, your mind makes nearly 90% of your decisions in the subconscious state. Also, you are not fine, because you don’t know how your subconscious is defining your well-being.

If your subconscious is awakened, you will feel a burst of positive energy in your mind, body, and soul. You will have a positive outlook in your life, and you can energize yourself for your day.

You can achieve your dreams (regarding your career, life, etc.,) using your subconscious mind. The Silva Mind Control Method allows you to awaken or reprogram your mind.

Now coming to the main question, what are the steps involved in it?

Any mind control technique will begin with calmness and a stable environment. And you need to master the art of meditation (to achieve the alpha state). You can meditate using numerous ways, choose one that best suits you. Focus on your breathing, count numbers, and control the rhythm. This requires a lot of practice, so don’t expect it will happen in a snap.


If you have mastered the first step, now it’s time to master the second stage. You need to dig deeper into your subconscious and enter a more intense meditative state.

Have you reached this stage yet? Now, you are ready to move on to the next step, programming your mind. This is a difficult stage to cross because our lives are full of negativity. Empower your mind with words as I can and I will. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, beliefs, and imagination. Yes, imagination can also play a critical role in this regard.

Take any situation in your mind, for example, getting a job in your dream company. Imagine that you really really want this situation (one that makes you happy), and then believe in yourself. Believe that you have prepared well for the interview, and everything will sail smoothly.

Now, expect that you have earned that job that you are truly desiring. When you expect it, your brain will push you to achieve it. Always fill your brain with positive intuition, focus on your desire, not on what others want.


In the last step, visualize that you have achieved your goal. After you have achieved this stage, it’s time to exit the mind stage. You will see a visible difference in your demeanor. This entire process is formulated by Jose Silva, and it is known as the Silva Method.


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