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Your Silva Instructor is an expert in teaching you how to communicate with and master your inner self.


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Certified Silva Method Instructor

Erhan Aslan

Country / State: TURKEY

Phone : 90-232-4866888

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Fax: 90-232-4866889


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I was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1971. I graduated as a B.S.C. Electronics Engineer from Dokuz Eylul University, Engineering Faculty, Electronics Engineering department in 1992

I worked as a Research and Development Engineer between 1992 and 1994. Information Technologies was my next step in business. After my R&D experience in 1994 and after six years of professional experience, in 2000, I established my own company e-Cozum Bilisim (e-Solutions IT). I've been working as the Founder and General Manager of e-Cozum since then.

Until I met Silva Method in 2013, I was very far away from spirituality, intuition and right brain terms. They were foreign words to me. My life totally and for ever changed after four days of SLS and SIS training. The best part of Silva Method was that you discover your Purpose in Life. At that moment, I decided to help people to find out and remember their divine potentials in life. I believe Silva Method is the best way to do this. And that's why Silva Method is more than a training to me. Let's imagine for a moment that you find your Purpose in Life and not only that but than this Method helps you to actualize your purpose in life as well! Isn't this fantastic?

Silva Director Turkey, Aysen Edis, CSMI Gulgun Sharafat and Ken Coscia encouraged me to become a CSMI after attending more than ten repeats, every graduate meetings and Silva Mastery Seminar.

My main business is decision making and troubleshooting as an entrepreneur, salesman, engineer and father. And I've been experiencing in a spectacular way to do all this by using my intuition and my whole brain just like a genius after I took Silva Method Training.

Now I'm ready to share all my experience with new participants.
Silva Method has changed my life.

Now, it's others turn!

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Your Silva Instructor is an expert in teaching you how to communicate with and master your inner self.