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SIS - Silva Intuition System

by Dr. Joan McGillicuddy

Event Start Date : 29 Oct 2022
Event End Date : 30 Oct 2022

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  • Live (Offline)

  • 1424 West Gila Bend Highway Casa Grande, AZ 85193

  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM The former four-day Silva Basic Lecture Seminar has been divided into two individualized seminars. The Silva Life System Training and the Silva Intuition Training. Both of these outstanding two day seminars will help you develop untapped potential of your mind in countless ways. This dynamic two day course is based on the world-renowned Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control, presented worldwide since 1966. In this powerful 2 day training, you will learn to access your intuitive faculties, you will learn through exploratory meditative experiences, you will be able to define your life’s purpose and learn to connect with Source Energy. You will learn applications of remote viewing and distant healing in a process called “Case workings”. What was once called extra sensory perception, is now known as effective sensory projection. Applying your mind senses of imagination, visualization, intuition, and creativity will lead you to an elevated level of consciousness to contribute the new earth of peace and prosperity. The mind is your greatest asset. Why not develop it to the best you can?