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BLS-4 - 4 Day Basic Lecture Series

by Karin Barnes

Event Start Date : 04 Sep 2023
Event End Date : 14 Sep 2023

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  • The Silva Method Basic Foundation Course with Karin Barnes (BLS #101-#404) [CID:23118] IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME - VIA ZOOM! with Karin Barnes Certified Silva Method Instructor Sept 4-7 (Mon-Thur) and 11 - 14 (Mon-Thur) - 1pm-5.00pm (London U.K. time) Book here; https://www.tickettailor.com/events/silvamethodgbkarinbarnes/796599 The Power to Change Your Life! The Silva Method has now become one of the most widely used and popular personal growth programs on the planet! You will learn to use your mind in a different way, using easy to use techniques, to accomplish your goals, whatever they are. Karin will share with you powerful Silva techniques and information, that will support you to find solutions to problems and give you the energy and confidence to manifest your dreams. This is a highly visual and experiential program, that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered. Don't miss this rare opportunity to discover for yourself how powerful you truly are. You will learn science-based and easy-to-use techniques to: access deep states of relaxation and meditation access deep states of intuition create deep states of mental, emotional and physical healing discover powerful, states of deep consciousness apply these techniques to problem solving, decision making, relationships, business, careers, education, and for core healing from the inside out! apply techniques to find your life’s purpose IMPROVE our capacity for LOVE, FORGIVENESS and HAPPINESS ___________________ The course will be presented over 8 sessions. (4 hours tuition with a 15 min break each day.) Karin will join this zoom seminar, 15 mins before the start to allow everyone time to join the meeting and set up. Ticket buyers will be supplied a link by email (to enable them to join the zoom meeting) and password a couple of days, before the course (please, supply valid, unique email for each attendee and also a valid, unique mobile phone number for each attendee.) You need a 13 inch laptop or desktop (the larger, the better) EACH Student needs a separate laptop/desktop (student must not share a computer, as that would prevent them to participate in some of the exercises.) ___________________ TICKET PRICES; Standard ticket - £700.00 ($860.00 USD) Repeater ticket for 8 full sessions- £90 ($110.00 USD) For Silva Graduates with a Silva ID No. Friends and family discount ticket - £560.00 ($690.00USD) for 2 or more bookings at the same time, Student Discounted ticket - £560.00 ($690.00USD) for single, full time students, with student I.D. card evidence. (Please send a copy of your student I.D. card to karin@silvamethodtraining.co.uk for a code to enable you to apply for this discount ) Pensioner Discounted ticket - £560.00 ($690.00USD) for pensioners, with state pension. (Please send a copy of your pension evidence to karin@silvamethodtraining.co.uk for a code to enable you to apply for this discount ) This course is suitable from the age of 14 and above. For any questions please phone Karin on 07960544829 or email karin@silvamethod.uk.com Book Here; https://www.tickettailor.com/events/silvamethodgbkarinbarnes/796599 www.karinbarnes.co.uk "May the rest of your life be the best of your life" Jose Silva