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Based on her own life experience, she knows that we can be the architects of our own lives. All we need is the awareness that we are already in the driver's seat. When people get the tools and understanding that the Silva Method offers, life can become an adventure full of opportunity.

With 20 years of experience, Barbara's list of achievements is long. In addition to being certified in a wide range of disciplines including NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, and Energy work, she has been a Certified Coach and Silva Method trainer since 1994. Formerly the Kentucky State instructor she is now the instructor in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

She continues to live the Silva Method everyday and says that it has been the basis for her life's greatest successes. She loves to share the Silva Method toolkit and to witness that excitement for life catch fire in her students as they begin to comprehend the opportunity for growth and achievement that the Silva Method provides them.

I waive the sitting fee for a graduate who brings a new student.


Barbara J. Hawkins


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