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As a highly qualified and consolidated experienced mentor, Marianne has proven to herself and international organizations, one of them being the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), that her knowledge and analytical and oratory skills are beneficial as well as advantageous.

After her Degree and Diploma, she was employed as adviser and counselor for 18 years at the NATO and the Balkans Combines Air Operations Center (B-CAOC). There she was entitled to the Top Secrecy level, in other words she was trusted with security clearances of the highest level. Along with this position came the responsibility of counseling international leaders and Generals of the NATO and being their external advisor as well as self-improvement analyst. She acquired and developed a comprehensive understanding of both Military organizations and Governmental bodies and above all of People and relationships through these positions.

She has for more than 38 years been in contact with business, community and Institutional leaders, an aspect that has shaped her into being a leader herself. She has on numerous occasions been given the opportunity of shaping public opinion, and consequently she has acquired the understanding of ethical practice in those community works. Her participation and presence in specific confederations has developed many of her present skills; her presentation skills, oratory skills, diplomacy and ease in handling conflicts, empathy and dealing with demanding leaders have roots in the most demanding environments. These experiences, coupled with her analytical ability and capacity of being insightful and outspoken and communicating clearly in English, French and Italian, make her refreshingly original.

As a pioneer of the Silva Method, She has for several years been teaching and mentoring this method. Her main goal is to personally help human beings put themselves on track in line with their peers by lecturing and transmitting the very revolutionary Method the Silva Method in all three languages.


Marianne Clement


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