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Roberto Favro lives in Turin, Italy.

In his profession as civil engineer is specialized in building and managing dames in Italy.
He also took part in building the Kainji dam in Nigeria.

At the end of his career, he was the Director and Security Officer of all the dames of the NorthWest part of Italy.

In his private, he became a valued researcher of all the possible practices aimed at self-development in the moral and intellectual field.

In 1976, first and only one in Italy, he found out the innovative and modern techniques on
a scientific basis created by José Silva, in the far city of Laredo, Texas, U.S.A.

Having verified their amazing effect, he brought them to Italy, adapting them to the Italian

Being aware of how it’s important that the Silva techniques are learned and put into
practice by the greatest possible number of people, because of the positive effect created
in the whole community, he devoted himself to teaching the Silva Method, also providing a
following support to his pupils.

After more the fifty years of teaching, he collected in a book the most significant
achievements, and the most useful advice for giving maximum effectiveness to the Silva techniques.

That book is for sale from Amazon.
The title in the English version is:
“Mind Control, the next step of Human evolution – an Italian homages Jose Silva”

Author: Roberto Favro
The title in the Italian version is:
“Evoluzione, un passo avanti – omaggio a Jose Silva”


Roberto Favro


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