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ANDRZEJ WOJCIKIEWICZ is from Warsaw, Poland. Graduated at the Physical Education Academy in Warsaw. Specializing in sport of fencing he worked as National Coach of Olympic Teams in Denmark and Canada during the period of 1970, 1992. Participated as a fencing coach at the Olympc Games in Munich (1972) and in Montreal (1976). In Canada finished Sport Psychology degree at the University of Ottawa with second MSc degree.

Silva Basic Course Andrzej finished in Ottawa in 1988 at one of the best Canadian Silva lecturers' Jonathan Kramer. Insttructors training Andrzej finished with Jose Silva in 1990 and since January 1992 started to work as full time Silva Method Instuctor and International Director in Poland.

In 2001 started to be interested in egyptology and archeology. Created in Poland a Foundation for the Support of Archeological Research Dar Swiatowida that is currently financing archeological research and excavation in Egipt in order to prevent possible cataclysmic events in 2012. His latest book is called Awakening the Pharaohs published in English translation by AuthorHouse in 2006.



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