Fred O. Marshall





My name is Fred O. Marshall.

•                     Practicing the Silva Method since 1998

•                     Certified Silva Method Instructor-March 2020

•                     Completed Judith Orloff’s Intuitive healing class.

•                     BS degree Suffolk University in Boston MA

I began meditating in my early twenties, well before I knew about the Silva Method. It was my own method.  Eventually a friend told me about his Silva experience and planted a seed that took years to fully germinate. Eventually I decided to take the Silva class, then known as the Basic Lecture Series. As time went on I experienced personal examples of the value and power of the Silva Method.  I will share those experiences with you when you take class.


The Silva Method provides the path to the most effective set of practical tools for life. Through our live interactive-classes participants learn to overcome issues in personal and professional areas, access inner strength, their unique talents and create the life they want. I look forward to meeting you, teaching you The Silva Method and helping you take control of your future. I currently live on Whidbey Island in Washington state. Contact me at



Fred O. Marshall


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