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Friar Justin Belitz was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.
He entered the Franciscan Order in 1954 and was ordained a priest in 1961.
He holds the following degrees:

BA (Philosophy) Quincy College, Quincy, IL
STB (Theology) - Antonianum, Rome, Italy
MA (Music Education) Case-Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Certification in Secondary Administration Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
Doctoral Certificate (Psychorientology) SMCI, Laredo, TX
Honorary Doctorate American Institute of Psychical Research, Thousand Oaks, CA

He taught in Cleveland, OH at Padua High School for 13 years and was on the Administrative Team at Trinity High School for 2 years.

He completed a year of sabbatical (l978-79). During that time he studied Psychic and Mystical Phenomenon at St Bonaventure University in Olean, N.Y. and Scripture at Terra Santa Seminary in Jerusalem. During that year also, he spend 4 months at the Friary of San Damiano in Assisi, Italy where he completed a manuscript of meditative reflections.

He completed another year of sabbatical 2000-2001 at the Antonianum in Rome, Italy to update his knowledge of spirituality and meditation.

Besides the areas of competency listed above. Friar Justin also teaches in the areas of Attitudes and Motivation, Mind Development, Relaxation and Meditation (especially applied to health and healing as well as to education, Parish Retreats/Missions, etc.

He has lectured throughout the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Australia.

His publications include: a music text-book titled Musical Perceptionsa manual for contemporary spirituality titled Success: Full Living (presently translated and available in 7 foreign countries) & Success: Full Thinking 20 volumes of audio-cassette tapes. Articles published in N.C.M.E.A. Research Bulletin and McGraw-Hill's Chemical Engineering Magazine. A great deal of poetry.

He has shared with parent-teacher groups, Holy Name Societies, Parish Councils, Faculty and Administration meetings in both private and public schools, Sales and Management Training Seminars, College Students, Seminaries, Business Executives, hospital staffs, etc.

He is Founding Director of The Franciscan Hermitage, Inc., a spiritual center dedicated to personal growth and development.

He is attached to Sacred Heart Friary in Indianapolis, IN.
His contact information is as follows:
Franciscan Friars
P.O.Box 30248
Indianapolis, IN 46230
Tel.: 317-545-0742


Friar Justin Belitz, OFM


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