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Tony Mitchell was invited to become an instructor in 1988 because of his use of the Silva Method techniques in creating extraordinary success for the TV commercial industry. His ability in communicating to students and demonstrating the effectiveness of the Silva programming methods in his own life caused overflow crowds at his New York area graduate meetings. Tony was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Mind Science in 1989. He has been helping students and clients achieve their goals through the Silva Method for over twenty years.

Kerry Ruff, Professor of Speech and Communications at City University of New York, writes; "Tony knows exactly what to do to create success. I was bankrupt. I had no job and my father had just died and the lawyers were trying to take my family home. By applying the Silva programming techniques I was able to get the job I wanted, create the money I needed, and save my family home.

Paula Pamagian, President of World View Services, adds, "Tony, you are clearly a master in this field. You delivered the Silva material in a way that was easy to follow and understand, used varied examples and articles and presented in a way that was fun, engaging and dynamic! In addition to all of this, your sharing of your own personal successes from the principles taught was what made the class extremely powerful, compelling and inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

This message is from Carolyn Jackson, IT Director, Boston; "I have driven from Boston to New York City to attend several of Tony Mitchell's classes and I always learn something that I can use to resolve any issue m my life, in many instances I have experienced immediate results. These techniques are awesome and they work. Thanks Tony."

Finally, this opinion from Andre Taylor, marketing consultant, and author of You Can Still Win; "In an age where many have gained a greater awareness of the power of the mind, Tony Mitchell is a unique and gifted teacher. He is not new to these ideas or merely repeating what he has heard or read somewhere else. Tony has proven over decades that he knows how to help students get results. Tony's passion, experience and depth of understanding in guiding students in the use of the Silva techniques will enable you to harness your innate mind power that will accelerate your ability to create a happier, more fulfilling and more productive life."


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