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My beginnings into the Silva Method were from an act of love from my mom, much like the
Silva Method originated from an act of love from Mr. Jose Silva for his children. When I was
nine, my mom, a Silva graduate herself enrolled me in the Silva Method’s children’s course. I
never will forget her telling me that I was always in control of my mind, my thoughts and my life
and this course would help me develop these important mind and life skills. I’m sure at nine, I
didn’t fully grasp the meaning of what she was saying, but I knew I was about to begin
something wonderful.
Thirty-five years, and several Silva Method Immersions and courses later, the Silva Method is a
path that changed and continues to change and shape my life. The Silva techniques have guided
me in every aspect of my life from career, to romantic (it’s how I met my husband) to family life.
It has helped me to realize that my intuition is my greatest gift. I feel blessed, excited and
honored for the opportunity to serve as the Atlanta area Silva Method Instructor and help
humanity discover all the potential that lies within.
I believe, as my mom did and still does, that everyone has access to their amazing mind potential
and their intuition. The Silva Method gives you practical, dynamic techniques to help you in
everyday life to unlock this potential. The techniques we teach also help you to develop a deeper
understanding and recognition of the language of your intuition, that connection to source and
how it speaks to you, guides you, and how to listen to it.
In our classes we teach these proprietary, dynamic meditation techniques that give us specific
ways that we can guide ourselves through everyday life, listen to our intuition and help us to find
our calm. The calm where growth, creative problem solving, imagination and healing help us to
live the life we desire and be the person we are meant to be.
I am passionate about teaching the Silva Method to adults and children and helping all of
humanity, whether 9 or 99+ to understand, as my mother did for me, the endless and wonderful
power of our minds.
I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Public Relations - University of Florida and I am also a certified childbirth educator.


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