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Diana M. Castillo-Oulahan: An economics with specialization in Labor Economics and education, she has been an instructor for the Silva Method in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States, in Spanish and English. She took her first course with Silva International in 1986 upon observing the positive results of the Silva Method on her two children. She has received instructor training in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica, and has received many awards.

Diana M. Castillo-Oulahan presents Diana presents Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System, The Basic Course, The Transforming Force of Self-esteem Childrens’programs, The Ultra Seminar, and Other special programs.

Diana and her husband Richard, who is also a Silva Instructor, are co-authors of the book: “CREATE A LIFE OF SUCCESS. Work and Achieve your Goals,”

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Diana M. Castillo-Oulahan


Phone : 703-785-0989

Email : info@silvamethod.org

Website : http://www.silvamethod.org