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Marjorie Dearmont has received numerous Awards of Excellence and Special Achievement from Silva International through the years. She trained to become a Silva instructor with Dr. Silva and Laura Silva and others in 1986 and the highlight of her years of training has been The Ultimate Seminar, the ten day special program with Dr. Silva in 1988. She continues to update her education through Silva Advanced Training and other disciplines.

Marjorie focuses on teaching The Silva Life System and the Silva Intuition Seminar because it is such a thrill to empower students to break through self-imposed limitations. She was always intrigued with human behavior and with the seminars she provides the tools to remove limitations and achieve.

Marjorie earned a B.S. in Education as a young student at Northwest Missouri State University. Later at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio she completed undergraduate work in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Family Ecology. She taught in secondary schools and in adult education and volunteered and then was employed at a suicide prevention/crisis intervention center. She also volunteered her time at a domestic violence agency and works with other community organizations. She is a Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master, a graduate of: the School of Transformation and Healing, (a 3 year course), Quantum-Touch, Thought Field Therapy, Psych-K, and Pranic Healing.

Marjorie is a popular instructor who brings insight, understanding, depth and humor to her presentations. Her strength is in making complex concepts easy to understand. She teaches seminars in Akron, Ohio, in Houston, Texas and in Marble Falls in the Texas Hill Country. Check her schedule at and contact her at



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