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Rery Uria-Gumiel is a Mental Health Professional with over 20 years experience. She is certified in 27 different healing modalities; training and guiding professionals and lay people all over the world. Trained by Jose Silva himself back in 1990, the Silva Method was, and has always been close to her heart. She opened her office for the Silva Method in Queens, New York in 1991 where Jose Silva visited often, taught, and supported her exceptional commitment to teaching his techniques with clarity and perfection. As a result, Jose awarded Rery and her team accolades for Outstanding Service and Commitment. In 1993 Jose Silva recognized her as Instructor of the Year in the Spanish community.

The most important thing about what Rery does in her center is to provide consistent support that people can count. She personally hosts Silva Graduate Meetings every Thursday at 7:30 at 37-66 Junction Blvd. 2nd fl., Corona, Queens, NY. (The easiest way to get to the center is the number 7 train which stops a half a block away). The graduate meetings are for adults and children in Spanish to help people get further connected to the Silva program and its techniques.

After taking Silva with Rery and attending the graduate meetings, people have improved family relationships, intimate relationships, and self esteem. They have also gotten better jobs and improved their relationships at work, while developing better communication techniques and listening skills. Children were able to get higher grades in school, increasing their confidence levels and self-esteem, as well. Because Rery is a creator of alternatives to modern psychology, she has taught and guided people to connect more with their inner selves and become more spiritual. Through Silva and other self-healing techniques, Rery has helped some of her graduates improve their physical health beyond what modern medicine told them was possible. She has provided alternatives for children with special needs that other professionals gave up on. Her seminars and workshops have given thousands of people the tools to change and better their lives in the healthiest most positive ways.


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