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Ms. Ursula Haller is Silva International, Inc. Director for Austria and Germany, where she offers classes in all of the Silva programs. Her association with the Silva family goes back many years. Ursula visited her first Silva seminar in 1978, which was the occasion during which she converted to the power of the Silva methodology. In 1983, she created the Silva Children Seminar for German speaking countries. In 1984, she became the Silva trainer for the children programs, and in 1987, she was certified to be a Silva trainer for the adult programs.

She is also qualified in depth psychology therapy, Hypnotherapy, Rebirthing and Reincarnation therapy, and acupuncture. She has being awarded the Outstanding lecturer in foreign countries award in 1999, and also was winner of Special Achievement award. She has written two books: Pflaster der Seele and Erfolgreich mit dem Bauchgehirn.

She lives in Neubaustrasse, Steyr, Austria, where she enjoys living with her family. Ursula has a qualified staff of Silva instructors that help her spread the wonderful benefits of the Silva Method.

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Ursula Haller


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