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Mr. Gabriel Ostend is Silva International, Inc. Director for Great Britain, he is organising and teaching classes of the Silva programs.

Gabriel says: "The Silva Method gave me the opportunity to heal my life on many levels and I am determined to help many more people in this country to experience the same"

Gabriel has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He worked as a software architect and project manager, most of it in the UK financial sector. He thinks, the Silva Method is the best way to tackle the stress and the limiting self-believes most of us fight all our lives with.

His mission is to make people in Britain aware of The Silva Method and its many applications and benefits; Give people readily available training courses to acquire this knowledge to help themselves; Support their practicing and sharing experiences; Promote Silva-Friendly businesses; Promote strategic partnerships with alternative medicine; Root and branch introduction into education and communities, to the young and the not so young, to enable them to stay young in body, heart and Mind.

Gabriel lives in London with his family. He enjoys travelling, history, books, theatre, music...positive thinking and sunshine.

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Gabriel Ostend


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