Aysen was born in Istanbul, Turkey, she always wanted to help people. Aysen has been Director of the Silva Method in Turkey since 2012.


When she was a child she wanted to become a medical doctor like her father but it wasn't until 1976, when she took Silva Method training in Torino, Italy, that she realized that there could be another way to fulfill her dreams.

Years later, after receiving a Fine Arts degree in Rome, and a Industrial Psychology degree in the USA, she returned to her native Turkey. It was 1992 and she discovered that people were learning everything from NLP and EFT to EMDR, and Holotropic Breathing but hadn't even heard of the Silva Method---the grandfather of so much of what we know as the Personal Development field today. She couldn't accept that the Turkish people weren't getting the benefits she was getting so she decided to dedicate herself to spreading the Silva Method in her own country.

Aysen likes the Silva Method because it is so practical. It's easy to use and it gets results. One can use it at any time. Practicing Silva techniques helps one to face any difficulty with serenity and confidence. She finds that she has grown to be more peaceful within and enjoys life a lot more. It has given her a better understanding of people making it easier to be patient with others.

She loves to inspire people and teach from her own experiences. It is very satisfying to witness her students achieving their goals and solving their problems more easily, improving their health and their memories, as well. On the whole, they become more optimistic about life in general and that can only make everything better.
Aysen has indeed found her way to help others and it's by sharing the Silva tool kit for personal empowerment.



Aysen Edis


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