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BIRGIT is passionate about "switching on" the light in people by helping them connect to their own potential for transformation.

Birgit is an engaging and inspirational instructor who incorporates stories, wisdom, and everyday practicality into her classes. She resonates with the Silva Method because of its down to earth yet quintessentially spiritual approach. The combination makes seemingly abstract concepts like intuition, accessible in a concrete and meaningful way.

She applies the Silva Method in all aspects of her life and has used it to succeed in business, health, spirituality, and family. After many years working with the international business community, she has found a way to deliver growth and results to both the personal growth community and businesses alike.

Birgit is not the type that shys away from challenges; she takes life and what used to be stress and worry and transforms them into positivity and energy. This is a woman whose winter routine involves a morning dip into a frozen lake as an energizer. She has grown to see the inherent gift in the difficulties life presents. Her teaching method incorporates vivid and often humorous stories of her own experiences as examples of how Silva provides the tools for stepping out of limitation and into personal power.

In addition to holding a Masters degree in Nutrition and Chemistry, she is certified in five different coaching modalities and has been nominated as one of Silva International's hottest new international instructors. As a wife and mother with a busy life, a daily Silva Practice is her ally for living a balanced and happy life; shaping the core of values she shares with her world.


Birgit Elgaard Brett


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