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Katarina Lukacsova

In 1990, after reading Jose Silva's book, I immediately signed up for a Silva Method seminar because I wondered how it was possible to train and use ESP, effective sensory projection. I attended my first seminar in March 1991. I did not have any specific issues. Nevertheless, after the seminar, my life and worldview completely changed.

What I got was much more than I expected. I was very excited and I repeated the basic seminar several times. Later I attended an advanced Ultra seminar and many other seminars led by various foreign lecturers. I realized that people have much more power to influence their own lives than they believe. This knowledge has changed the quality of my life. I felt a strong desire to share that knowledge with friends and anyone who is interested in learning this effective way of solving problems.

Dr. Eva Starkova and I decided to bring programs of the Silva Method to former Czechoslovakia. In January 1992 we held the first seminar with a lecturer who had attended an instructor seminar at Laredo with Jose Silva. To this day, I consider our greatest achievement that we managed to bring the Silva Method to Slovakia. Five months later I attended an instructor seminar at Laredo in the summer of 1992 under the leadership of author Jose Silva. In September of the same year, I led my first course. I have been teaching the Basic Lecture Series from 1992 September and ULTRA and SILVA Manifesting Seminars as well. I love teaching kids too.


My personal mission is to help us all realize that to a large extent we can manage our own lives, if we use our human potential. As a teacher, I know that each of us has unique abilities, can find unique solutions to our problems, achieve our goals and develop better interpersonal relationships. During my 22 years of lecturing experience I found that a lot of suffering comes from ignorance. We are not as helpless as we think we are. Such knowledge can bring about positive relationships and greater accountability to life on our planet.

The Silva Method is unique for many reasons. It is the only one that for four days offers a wide view: it contains all the important aspects for successful problem-solving in all areas of our lives. The individual techniques are practical, easily and simply adoptable for everyone, and offer a wide range of applications in everyday life.


Katarina Lukacsova


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Email : silvamethodsk@gmail.com

Website : http://www.kreativnamysel.sk/