Gyuri Baglyas





Gyuri has three wonderful kids and lives next to a forest with his family in Hungary. His slogan could be: let's live right here and right now. It is all up to our conscious attention and good intention to form our lives. The understanding of our mission can make us calm and feeling love can lead us live a peaceful and prosperous life. The opportunities are always at hand. It is up to us to catch them and make our life an adventure.

With his 33 years Gyuri's will is to live a blessed life and to share his blessings. Gyuri had studied social sciences, had several scolarships, established an award winning societal enterprise and worked as a lecturer for years. He has special interest in the telemedicine and intuition.

He is now an instructor in Hungary. He continues to live the Silva Method everyday and says that it has been the basis for his life's greatest successes. His mission is to share the Silva Method toolkit and to see how it is changing students as they understand their responsibility for their own lives.



Gyuri Baglyas


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