Katarzyna Ostasz



Email: info@silvamethod.ie

Website: http://www.silvamethod.ie


My name is Katarzyna OstaszI hold a master in Sociology and Education. I also graduated from Positive Success Group in Ireland where I earned an Accredited Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching.

Before I become the Certified Silva Method Instructor, my professional background was in Media, Recruitment and Training.

I was certified as a Silva Method Instructor in July 2014. Since then the Silva Method has become my lifestyle. It is difficult to imagine how I could live without it.

My mission is to inspire, enrich and contribute to people's lives, helping them shine in whatever it is they decide to do. I bring to my work relevant academic and professional experience together with a unique, creative, energetic and holistic approach.



Katarzyna Ostasz


Phone : 00353 862511031

Email : info@silvamethod.ie

Website : http://www.silvamethod.ie