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I was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1961. I graduated from Ege University from the Social Sciences Faculty, Psychology Department. I worked as a young psychologist at the Spastic Children's Center in Istanbul between 1984 and 1986. My keen interest in 'How the Brain and Mind work' formed during these years. I’ve lived in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and the Far East (Thailand) between 1986 -1994. While there, I focused on the Far Eastern philosophy of Mind and Body connection. I was involved in Personal and Spiritual Development techniques such as Yoga and Meditation as well as Silva Method, Psycho-Cybernetics, and NLP. I returned to Turkey in 1994 and since then worked as a psychologist at several institutions and schools.


During the years I was in Turkey, I received further training as a Psychologist in Family Therapy, EMDR, Hypnosis, Stress Coping Skills, Energy Psychology, Energy Kinesiology, and Meridian Therapy.

Between 1996 and 1998, I worked with Dr. Sheldon Z. Kramer, Ph.D., San Diego University, CA.  I organized seminars and workshops on 'Holistic Transactional Family Therapy' for Dr. Kramer in Izmir, Turkey. I was his student, as well as his coordinator and translator. Dr. Kramer influenced me to focus on mind and body connections, which I was familiar with years after living in the Far East.


Since 2000, I have been conducting seminars and workshops under the titles of "Leadership, Coaching, and Education of the Educator" for professionals, business people, administrators, and especially for teachers. I intensified my work under the name of "Positive Psychology," which I regard as a synthesis of Eastern and Western psychology. I have been implementing the 'Psycho Cybernetic Personal Development Program,' which I redeveloped, at my practice and workshops since 1999. Most of the conferences, training, and seminars which I conduct included the following topics:


"Psycho-cybernetics and Ideal Me," "Focusing on Success," "Being a Family," "Raising a Child with a Positive Identity," "Holistic Learning," "Stress Coping Skills," "Mind and Body Connection for Maximum Performance," "Leadership, Meditation, and Guided Imagery."


I have been using an eclectic approach of EMDR, Energy Psychology, Energy Kinesiology, Psycho cybernetics, Hypnosis, and Guided Imagery for my clients (children and adults) at my practice. I am also a member of the Turkish Psychological Association, a member of the Clinical Hypnosis Association (as well as a lecturer), a member of the Turkish EMDR association, and a member of the Energy Medicine Association.


I am married and have one son. I currently work with a small team of Psychologists and Coaches at the Positive Psychology Personal Development and Counselling Centre, which I founded in 2007.


In 2012 I decided to be a Silva Method instructor through the invitation of my dear friend Aysen Edis who is the Director of the Silva Method in Turkey. I sincerely believe that the years I have spent working within the field of Psychology finally brought me the best method to teach and learn about the human mind.


Gulgun Sharafat


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