Tan Phoay Hoon



Email Address:  csmi@silvamethod.com.my

Website: silvamethod.com.my


Ms. Tan Phoay Hoon is a professional Psychotherapist with 17 years of working experience. She graduated with a Degree in Psychology and Advanced Diploma of Satir Transformational System Therapy. Her specialties are handling emotional health and stress management, including marital issues, parenting, and self-growth.

She attended courses in Silva Method and graduated in the year 2000 and highly involved in Mind Development programs such as Subconscious Mind Development and Practice thereafter. She experienced and witnessed lots of miracles in her life hence benefiting others by helping them to change to become a better person.


Tan Phoay Hoon


Phone : +603-2282 9939

Email : csmi@silvamethod.com.my

Website : silvamethod.com.my