Divine Grace Buszka


Email: divine@silvamethodsandiego.com

Website: https://www.silvamethodsandiego.com

"Divine Grace Buszka is the owner of Divine Grace Today, her practice in San Diego, CA where she offers 1-on-1 coaching sessions as well as group seminars. She is certified in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a Reiki Master, energy healer, intuitive and channel. For over 15 years at her practice, she’s combined these techniques with meditation practices and intuitive guidance from her counselors at level to help her clients and students realize their clarity of self, sense of purpose, and power of intention.

 Divine is also the author of A Little Bit of Grace, which describes her personal spiritual journey and how she’s utilized her intuition to arrive at the blissful and empowered life she enjoys today. She’s been tuned into her intuition since childhood and many of the techniques she’s used throughout her journey are fundamental components of the Silva Method. The transformation she’s achieved in her life by using these techniques is what led her to become a Certified Silva Instructor and drives her passion to teach these techniques to others so that they may find the same self-empowerment, healing and life changing transformations. What she appreciates most about the Silva Method is the practical and pragmatic process it offers students, affording them the accessibility to readily embrace the learnings and enjoy the benefits of the method.

 Divine is an avid reader, runner and traveler - always seeking to learn more about the world, others and herself through new experiences with her son and husband. She’s also a mom to two dogs and an overly-friendly cat."



Divine Grace Buszka


Phone : 858-777-9754

Email : divine@silvamethodsandiego.com

Website : http://www.silvamethodsandiego.com