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Lee Pascoe, an Australian living in Europe, has been Director of the Silva Method in Paris since 1988. Lee received an honorary doctorate in 1997 for her work in contributing to the Silva Method. She trained and launched Silva lecturers in the Northern part of France, Belgium and the French West Indies. Lee and her husband, Michael, have presented Silva workshops in Canada, (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), Marocco, Ireland, England, Hungary and the United States (Texas, California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Florida.) In 1995 and 1997, Lee was invited, the only team member not a member of the Silva family, to present the Lecturers Development Seminar to training lecturers in Laredo, Texas, working alongside Jose Silva.

Among workshops she has presented at Silva Conventions are: Charisma! Total Learning, and Essentials of Hypnosis.

Lee's book, The Magic of Make-Believe (Beyond Positive Thinking) is published in English by Findhorn Press, as well as in French, Hungarian, and Lithuanian.




Lee Pascoe - BLS Trainer of Instructors


Phone : 33-2-32-34-45-42

Email : lee.pascoe@lamethodesilva.com

Website : http://www.lamethodesilva.com