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Aron is a Silva instructor working from Budapest, Hungary.  He was born in 1981 and lived abroad for five years as a child, getting an education in three languages. He first attended a junior Silva class in 1992, and the Silva Method has had a profound effect on his life ever since. It has helped him in his studies in both architecture and psychology, which he has degrees in.

He considers himself a lifelong athlete, having won national championships and been on the Olympic Karate national team. Since his competition days are mostly over, he has turned to long-distance running, which gives him great joy, the ability to practice deeper states of consciousness while also building stamina for his daylong presentations.

Aron is the nephew of Dr. Laszlo Domjan, one of the hardest working instructors in the history of the Silva Method. He has attended over 100 courses and learned the Silva Method's subtleties, working with Laszlo periodically since the '90s and full-time since 2010. He completed the instructor training with Ken Coscia in 2012 in London and considers both of these great men his professional and personal role models.

Like José Silva,  Aron is a student of the mind: perpetually in awe of maybe the greatest creation in the Universe. His mission is to live life to the fullest on a personal, professional and spiritual level, all while inspiring others to do so.


Aron Domjan


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