After working as operation manager and business development manager in FORTUNE 500 international logistic company for many years, Jian Wang would like to go for his writing dream and live his life. He ever wrote one English novel titled "When Your Heart Seeks the Sky" and sell at Amazon globe.

Then he worked as an editor in a children's book publishing house and introduced many award-winning picture books to Chinese readers. After attending Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012, he decided to promote a Chinese healthy living style in Germany. He became a travel guide in Paris in 2018 and moved back to China in 2019. After studying under 10 Silva Instructors in Asia, the UK, and the US in 2020-2022, he hopes to promote Silva Method in China and help more people to live happily and joyfully.

Every day I will meet across a lot of incredible fortune and happiness.



Jian Wang


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