Mike first took the Silva Method Class in 1982 and was so impressed with the power of the Silva Method to accomplish what would normally take months  or even years of training, in a matter of days that he took all the advanced and ancillary courses  soon after.  He has recently qualified as a Silva Method Certified Instructor and is very eager to pass on his knowledge and experience of the Silva Method gained through daily practice and application since the basic course.
He has experience of using The Silva Method in many aspects of life including Business, Daily Life and Mind/Body applications through his study and teaching of internal martial Arts.
Mike has practiced martial arts since the age of ten and has taught  Meditation, Healing and ki Development (Qi Gong) for over thirty years. He has attained the level of 5th Dan in Aikido and is also a qualified Teacher of Ba Gua Zhang and formerly Wado Ryu Karate.
Mike started his work career as a TV and Radio Service Engineer widening his skills to IT  and progressing into Management and Sales both Retail and Business to Business. Now working as General Manger for an SME CNC /Engineering Company. This gave him ample opportunity to practice Silva Method techniques for problem solving and leadership.
His aim is to Help people realise the power they have within and live a better life with The Silva method.
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