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As a child, Erika suffered from anxiety attacks. Thankfully, her mother, a recent Silva graduate, enrolled her in Silva Mind Control (now The Silva Method). After learning and applying the Silva tools in 1986, she no longer suffered from anxiety. She was empowered, confident, and in control of her life. Erika now has 37 years of experience successfully applying the Silva techniques. She has used them successfully throughout her life for stress management, testing taking & learning in school and college, manifesting large amounts of money, winning bids on houses, and so much more.

Erika has always had a passion for helping people- whether it was as a financial advisor guiding clients towards a comfortable retirement or coaching people on how to adopt a plant-based lifestyle to reclaim their health. Now Erika is a Certified Silva Method Instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area and teaches people these empowering tools that teach them how to access the brilliance inside of themselves to manifest the life of their dreams.

We are all powerful beyond our imagination. Everything we need is already within each one of us. You just need to learn how to access it, believe in yourself, and practice the tools. You’ve got this!

Erika is on the Board of Trustees at her son’s school, serves on the finance committee, and is head of the engagement committee.



Erika Pace Morales


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