Diana Silva

Diana Silva - President, Silva International INC.

Diana, the youngest of Jose’s children, is our very own in-house Silva Life Coach. She supports students and seekers alike with the Silva Method and life. Having grown up Silva, she has spent her entire life working in an environment rich with personal growth and mind empowerment. She is a certified and qualified Silva Coach, which means that she uses natural insight combined with genuine coaching tools and the always effective Silva Method Techniques to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. What is great about Diana is that she has been applying the Silva tools and techniques all her life so as a coach she can understand you and guide you better.

Diana Silva, daughter of Jose Silva – the man credited with bringing modern day meditation to the West, has lived her entire life dedicated to helping others. She has over 30 years of experience supporting Silva Graduates and the International Community of Silva Instructors. Diana’s unique approach combines the Silva Method Mental Techniques with state-of-the-art coaching methodologies to bring her clients to a more advanced way of living. Diana is a coach, mentor, and friend to Silva Graduates throughout the world. She has helped hundreds of people believe in themselves, use Silva to advance their lives, and overcome personal limitation.


She helps you live from your heart, which is your intuition, and explores the consequences of not trusting this guidance. She helps you understand the tools and techniques of the Silva Method seminar or online products. Diana also brings clarity to what was covered in the live classes from the comfort of your own home. Diana is a good listener with a compassionate heart. Her passion is to help others by helping them find a solution to what they are eager to change. She helps find solutions by applying what you have learned from the Method and will continue to learn. She is truly an honest and non-judgmental listener. She pushes you to search your inner self while also taking the necessary steps to live the life of your dreams. Her goal is to bring you reasonable, rational, and clear solutions that will result in daily improvements to your life. Being part of the Silva International team for so many years has provided insight into what areas of life are most common challenges for her clients. Most of the calls she facilitates on a daily basis pertain to relationships, jobs and health. Diana helps people find their true love, their soul mate, and their happiness in life by learning to love others and yourself with balance and boundaries. The Silva Method is part of who she is. She can say that she has practiced it all her life. She meditates 3 times a day, or even more when she is programming for someone who is need of healing. She is a giver by nature and is always ready and willing to help. You will find her fun and loving personality to be one of the best parts of working with Diana.