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Meyrick/Betty DSylva -- Silva Intuition System

  • 28-09-2013  --  29-09-2013   |
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  • Venue: TORONTO

Details: <br> <br> <B>The Powerful Silva Intuition System to be held on</B><br> <br> Dates: Saturday September 28 and Sunday September 29, 2013<br> Your Instructors: Meyrick/Betty D’Sylva<br> Your investment is $595.00 plus Tax<br> When you register in advance with an investment deposit of $100.00, you will benefit with a discount of $100.00<br> Your investment for the entire course then drops down to $495.00 plus Tax. Once you are a Silva Graduate and you wish to take this course again, your investment is as follows:- Refresher: Students who took the course with us - $50.00<br> Students who took the course with other Silva instructors - $65.00<br> For further information, please e-mail or call us at 905-764-9508

Silva Intuition System

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Instructor : Meyrick/Betty DSylva

Contact Details : 905-764-9508 /

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