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Dr. Joan McGillicuddy -- Silva Life System

  • 23-07-2015  --  24-07-2015   |
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  • Venue: CASA GRANDE

Details: <br> <br>This dynamic two-day course is based on the world-renowned Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control, presented worldwide since 1966. In this practical and informative training, you learn to relax physically for increased health, wellness, and vitality. You will also learn techniques to become better focused, develop innovative, and creative thinking, and develop abilities to manifest your goals and dreams.<br> <br>8:45 AM - 5:00 PM<br></a>

Silva Life System

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Instructor : Dr. Joan McGillicuddy

Contact Details : 520-836-1029 / 520-421-9547

Fax Number : 520-836-6733, 520-876-5638

Email : /

Website :

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