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Marjorie Dearmont -- Silva Life System

  • 15-08-2015  --  16-08-2015   |
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  • Venue: AKRON

Details: <br> <br>Sat.-Sun, 9:00-6:00 each day.<br> <br>Some results reported by graduates of the SLS include: More control over their life ; Improved health (eliminating headaches, back ache, hypertension, heart problems, stomach ulcers, asthma, AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, etc.); Eliminating fears; Reducing weight; Making more money; Gaining focus and concentration; Solving problems more easily; Finding balance in life; Managine bad habits; Improving relationships; Sleeping better; Improving performance in school, sport or work; and Connecting with the Inner Wisdom. All of these things are invaluable to survive in the world in which we live today.<br> <br>TUITION:<br> <br>SILVA LIFE SYSTEM - $472 - a $72 discount if registering with a $50 deposit by July 29.<br> <br>Graduates of the Silva Life System and Basic Lecture Series - $50<br></a>

Silva Life System

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Instructor : Marjorie Dearmont

Contact Details : 512-355-3886 /

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