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Eleanne Solorzano -- Four Day Immersion Seminar

  • 16-09-2021  --  19-09-2021   |
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Details: We now offer the most effective and powerful way for you to experience BOTH Silva Life System (day 1 & 2) & Intuition System (day 3 & 4) over four consecutive days – The Life and Intuition Immersion. It is by far the ideal format for you to accelerate your integration and development of the Silva Mind Technology. The 4-Day Immersion Experience with Eleanne is specifically designed to create a deep, lasting and extremely desirable inner transformation. The Life and Intuition Immersion is now available with Eleanne in Exeter, NH.

Four Day Immersion Seminar

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Instructor : Eleanne Solorzano

Contact Details : 603-944-1681 /

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