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Welcome to the Silva Method blogs for ultimate motivation. Our Founder, Mr. José Silva gave the world the most revolutionary technique to control the mind. More than half a million people on this planet know about it. And practice the Silva Mind Control method to enhance and improve their lives. It took about two decades to develop this method, but the wait bearded great fruits. As with the Silva mind control method you cannot just control, rather reprogram your mind and thereby re-establish your life. You become the captain of your own ship and the master of your fate.

Jose Silva describes the Silva mind control method as an unusual sense of awareness. It lets you enter the Alpha state of your mind and use the higher intelligence to solve problems. When you enter into the dynamic meditation state, you get to know more about your mind. You control your thoughts and connect with divine intelligence. You get to use your mind in a very distinct manner. As a result, the critical thinking ability and inner awareness gain a quick boost. Dynamic meditation has power and gives spectacular results.

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