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Books that are written by Jose Silva

He has worked with parapsychology for several years and has penned down his findings and observations in different books.

Here’s a list of his books:

The Silva Mind Control Method:

This book explores a mind-controlling technique that can be used to mitigate stress, anxiety, improve concentration, creativity, memory, and learning capacity. The method is designed by Jose Silva himself.

You The Healer

The second book on our list describes how to use the Silva method to heal people (self included) from agony and stress.

Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

Used by numerous people as a self-help guide, here the focus is given on dynamic meditation, and how to use it for problem-solving.

Sales Power: The Silva Mind Method Control for Sales Professionals

This book is practically a lifeline for sales professionals. It describes how this method can help them visualize problems, connect with customers, and handle clients with requirements, and objects.

The Silva Mind Method Control for Business Managers

The title says it all. The book is specifically designed for business managers, and how they can use the Silva Method to tackle business and project management problems.

These are our top five picks, but he has written other books as well:

  • Subjective Communication
  • I have a Hunch (an autobiography)
  • The Mystery of the Keys to the Kingdom
  • The Silva Mind Control Method for Getting Help from Your Other Side

His books have been translated into numerous languages too. It is highly recommended to check out each of these books to understand the concept efficiently.

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