Since 2004, over 21,070 people have used our home training programs. Everyone, from celebrities to high-flying professionals to everyday people in search of a breakthrough life have used the Silva Method. We regularly collaborate with some of the world’s most respected doctors and scientists. Our teachings are also practiced and endorsed by leading proponents of mind and human development. Some of whom began there journeys and careers with us. We are known to as the modern dynamic meditations system that is the source of today’s personal growth movement in the world. Whether you’re looking to begin your Silva journey, activate your natural healing ability or awaken your intuitive senses, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.


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Spread out across 13 chapters covering 4 key areas of mind empowerment, the program contains:

  • Over 17 of The Silva Method’s most popular and effective mind empowerment techniques, designed to give you full control over your mind’s hidden abilities.
  • Immersive guided meditation sessions that use our proprietary Centering technology to guide you into an optimal state of mind for intuition, creativity, manifestation, and healing.
  • Fascinating lessons and insights into your mind and how to awaken its full potential.

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Spread out across 11 chapters covering the most famous exercises of mind empowerment, the program contains:
  • The Droplet of Source Energy Exercise tells you, how you are connected to and One with Universal Source Energy.
  • Live a life with purpose. The connection to Life’s Purpose Exercise
  • Connect yourself with every living being on this planet. The Eternal Garden Exercise.
  • Enjoy the Remote Viewing & Holo-Viewing exercises. Learn to understand the time and space both, with the help of your intuition system.