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How could we keep your mind sharp and active?

It is critical to cultivate a clear and sharp mind. According to research, challenging your brain with new or difficult activities can actually build new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them, which is beneficial for preventing cognitive decline and memory loss later in life. Furthermore, having a sharp and active mind can help you reduce stress, recall information faster, and feel more engaged with life.


To us, this appears to be a good deal. So, here are six things you can do to keep your brain in peak condition.


Maintain a Journal or a Blog

Have you ever sat down to write a long email or letter after a long mental pause (such as a summer vacation) and realized you’ve forgotten how to form a sentence? Do not allow it to happen again. Keep a journal or blog to exercise both your logical and creative sides.


Maintain Control of Your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Either of these issues raises your chances of developing heart disease or having a stroke. They may also contribute to the development of dementia. A healthy cardiovascular system means better blood flow, which is linked to better cognitive function.


Don’t forget to take advantage of quiet moments. Try to keep time in your day for rest and relaxation. Find something that gives you that zen feeling and do it. Your brain will appreciate the peace and quiet.


Study a new language

Trust me readers it is never too late to gain knowledge about a foreign language. Bilingual people have a significant delay in Alzheimer’s symptoms, according to research. It’s unclear why or how this occurs. However, it is possible that bilingual brains can compensate for Alzheimer’s deficits. As a result, these people’s brains appear to be less damaged than they actually are. You can study online, attend a local college class, or read up on a language at your local library.


Alter your morning routine

Do you usually put on your clothes before breakfast? Instead, change your routine and get dressed after breakfast. Switch to a different news channel. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand from the one you usually use. According to brain imaging studies, new activities exercise large areas of the cortex of the brain and increase levels of brain activity in several areas. When a task becomes automatic and routine, this activity decreases.


Regular exercise is essential

This point is indeed very crucial always remember the fact that physical activity helps to maintain regular blood flow to the brain and genuinely lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure, which is linked to the development of dementia.


So, readers follow the above points or you can also take the assistance of Jose Silva for the silva method meditation and mind control program.

How powerful is our mind?

Our most powerful tool is our mind. It literally has the ability to control how we feel, how we act, and what we do. We all replay conversations in our heads, trying to figure out if we said the right thing. Or we wonder, “Why didn’t they invite me?” when we see our friends’ Instagram posts. These things can spiral out of control, causing our thoughts to control our actions and behavior.


One of your most powerful and useful abilities is mind power. This power, combined with your imagination, has the ability to create success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, opportunities or obstacles. This is determined by your mindset. Your thoughts are the primary component of this power, and when combined with focus and emotions, thoughts become powerful and have the ability to influence your reality.


Almost everything that happens in your life is caused by the thoughts that run through your mind. However, not all thoughts are created equal. Your Thoughts that you have only once or twice cannot have much influence, but your dominant thoughts, which you repeat frequently, influence your behavior and attitude, affect your actions and reactions, and shape your reality.

The power to think- is a real potential

Thoughts are similar to seeds. If you feed them your attention and allow them to grow, they have a natural tendency to grow, become powerful, and manifest in your life.


They are powerful because of your attention, interest, and enthusiasm. If you show no interest in a particular thought, it will not grow in strength or power.

Your thoughts influence your subconscious mind, which influences your actions in response to these thoughts.

Your thoughts may also travel to other people’s minds and have an impact on them.

When you concentrate on your dreams and goals, you will attract people into your life who can assist you in achieving them. Powerful thoughts have an impact on your life and can have an impact on the entire cosmos. To feel this power within you, you need to try it out. Trust me this is going to work on your behalf as well.


This may appear strange and unbelievable to you. You are not required to accept these words, but if you examine your thoughts and the way you live your life, you will discover interesting things. There is a link between one’s thoughts and one’s life circumstances.


How can you use the power of thought?


  • Visualize a perfect scene of whatever you want to accomplish using your imagination.
  • Fill these mental scenes with detail, color, sound, scent, and life.
  • Repeat this visualization several times, paying close attention and believing that it will come true.


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