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How do I develop the power of my subconscious mind?

Our mind is a wonderful entity, and much of our subconscious is obscure. We are still finding ways to enhance our psyche, and unleash its full potential. Although there are many processes to do that, we will be discussing Silva Mind Control Method.


The goal of this method is to tap into an individual’s personality, and excel in different fields, personal and professional. The first step in this method is to achieve the ultimate sense of calm or the alpha stage.

When we work or think, our brain constantly emits beta signals (indicating that we are busy). When we are relaxed, we use images and visuals for the same purpose. In this stage, we introspect our journey, or we daydream, and our brain starts emitting alpha waves.

Also, when we drift off to sleep, we are in this state. Even after waking up, our brain remains in this state. But it’s not always possible to fall asleep, so we turn to the next alternative, meditating. Through meditation, we will train our minds not to block our body’s internal healing power.

We will train it to control different expressions and emotions, thus minimizing internal conflicts and tension. If done correctly, it can replenish the balance, refill the lost energy, and help a person be a well-rounded being.

In terms of electronics, our mind (circuit) should not have any resistance to this internal healing. In this state, our brain becomes an excellent conduit for storing electrical impulses and signals.

To meditate, you need to choose an environment with no external interruptions. Then you must close your eyelids, and move your eyes upward (preferably making a 20° angle) to trigger the generation of alpha waves. Now, it’s time to count backward (from 100 to 1) in 2 seconds. It is necessary to not fall asleep at this point; otherwise, the entire thing will go into vain. Do this for a week or so, and then change the intervals.

For example, now you can start back counting from 50 to 1 for a few days, succeed from 25 to 1, and lastly 10 to 1. This will create a level, and you will have to exit your level by counting forward from one to five, and so. For the first two counts, prepare yourself by saying I will open my eyes, and then actually open it (3-4), and then become fully alert and awake.


After mastering your mind, you can create a dimensional mirror in your mind. You can do that by desiring a particular outcome first (law of attraction), then actually believing in it. The third step will be to expect the situation to happen and not create any barrier to it. By combining these two techniques, you can enhance your subconscious. But methods like the Three Finger Method, Power of Two can also be beneficial.


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