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Silva Method and Silva Mind Control

Let’s see how Silva Method and Silva Mind Control can help you achieve all your goals and make you stress-free

When stress starts to control life, everything becomes a disaster. And finding someone who is not stressed is just next to impossible. Trying different meditation techniques is one of the best solutions that helps several people to achieve peace. Following a Silva Meditation technique is such a self-control meditation that has the supreme power to transform your life. Silva Meditation is one of the most popular and latest meditation methods which is gaining huge popularity, as it has countless amazing benefits. Read the blog post to know more about Silva Meditation and its benefits—

What is Silva Meditation?

Silva Meditation is presently the most popular meditation type all over the world. Created by Jose Silva, it helps in self-control. It is a self-help program that anyone can do. The meditation is based upon the three primary principles—


  • Alpha and Theta State of Mind.
  • Power of Healing Imagery.
  • Desire Believe and Expect Through Process.

The first principle, Alpha and Theta State of Mind explains the condition of brain waves.

The second principle, the Power of Healing Energy, defines the visualization after the end.

The third and the last principle is Desire Believe and Expect Through the Process first expects a person to have a deep desire, then the person has to believe that the desire is attainable. When desire, and belief come together, the person has to carry an expectation of the goal. Pablo effect is the main base for this principle, and it stimulates self-healing.

The benefits of Silva Meditation:

Your knowledge will not be completed till you read about the amazing benefits of Silva Method Meditation. Hence, let’s proceed with further reading—

  • It cures insomnia.
  • Offers deep relaxation to the body and mind.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Control energy levels.
  • Increase the power of self-control.
  • Stimulates healing power.
  • It blocks pain signal and control pain.
  • Supports in self-diagnosis of mental health.

Silva Method and Silva Mind Control


Basic Steps for Silva Method & Silva Mind Control Techniques :

You will have all the mentioned advantages of meditation if you do it perfectly. Here are the steps that you need to follow—

Step1. Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes, take a deep breath and start visualizing number3.

Step 2. Take a deep breath and at the time of exhaling, start visualizing number 2.

Step3. In the third step, take a deep breath again, and while exhaling, start visualizing the number    1.

Step 4. Start backward counting from 100 to 1 to relax your mind.

Step 5. It is time to think about positive thoughts and remove negativity from your mind.

Step 6. Prepare your mind to reach the meditative state.

Step 7. Slowly open your eyes and think about a wish that you want to achieve.

Step 8. Now it is time to believe that your desire is going to be fulfilled, it is possible.

Step 9. Congratulation! you are on the last stage of your Silva Meditation program. It is the time when you have to think that your desire or goal is fulfilled, and you are experiencing that in real life.

Hope the write-up will enlighten your knowledge about Silva Meditation. To experience peace and a relaxed state of mind, try this meditation now!

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