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Silva Method started gaining prominence in Laredo in the 1940s. Jose Silva, a self-taught American parapsychologist, laid its foundation during this period. In the early stages, his focus was on improving the concentration power of children. This way, he wanted to help children do their homework and perform up to their potential in the examination. But later on, it came to light that the method could also help individuals improve their power of intuition.

At present, many audio programs in connection with Silva Method Courses are available in the market. With these courses, you can tap the potential of intuition in your mind and use it to find practical solutions to different problems in your life.



Silva Method Courses – The Ultimate Method to Train Your Mind

The human brain has several billions of neurons that fire energy. After firing energy, a neuron goes to rest. The whole process of a neuron firing energy and then going to rest constitutes a cycle. The number of cycles per second or the frequency of cycles determines the state of mind of an individual.

If you wish to improve your memory or utilize the power of intuition, you can do so only by minimizing the frequency at which neurons complete a cycle per second. The state of your mind depends on the number of neuron cycles per second.

When you remain awake, the neurons complete around 20 cycles per second. At this stage, your mind remains in the beta frequency. Generally, your mind remains in this state when you are either active or remain awake. When you are in a relaxed state of mind (usually when you sleep or remain calm), the neurons in the body complete somewhere around 20 cycles in a second. This state corresponds to alpha frequency. This state of mind corresponds to alpha frequency.

The primary objective of Silva Method Courses is to help you utilize Jose Silva’s Silva Method to boost the intuition and creativity of your mind through meditation and self-help. As an effective method of training the brain, it seeks to boost your memory, help you beat stress, and help you as well as others heal quickly. It is centered on helping you achieve these objectives by relaxing your mind.

How Silva Method Works

Silva Method is the derivation of the inferences of Jose Silva from his experiments on the human mind in the 1940s. It revolves around Silva’s meditation techniques that are effective for the cognitive development of the human mind by using three principles. These include the ability of healing imagery, different states of mind (Alpha and Theta), and the thought process of the mind.

It is a well-accepted fact that meditation possesses the power of healing the mind. It enables an individual to effectively manage their mental health and well-being. The first principle of the method involves the alpha and theta states. After reaching these states, the mind of an individual becomes capable of healing. In this state, the cells of the body not only work effectively to heal the body and mind but also boost the immune system of the body. These aspects help beat stress and also eliminate the negative or intruding thoughts from the human mind.

The power of imagery, which constitutes the second principle of the Silva Method keeps the mind involved at present. This aspect primarily helps an individual to focus more on the present to shape a better future rather than busying the mind with thinking about the future.

The third principle of the Silva method develops three things in a person’s mind: a desire, strong belief, and the expectation to achieve whatever a person desires. An individual achieves these objectives one by one by following a systematic and step-by-step process.


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