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Advance Your Silva Skills (Download)- Ken Coscia



Master Altered States For Rapid Problem Solving. A deep dive into the core- foundation work of Jose Silva with an emphasis on How To Do It applications for the real world.

It’s Classic SILVA with Ken Coscia, the man who Jose Silva handpicked out of hundreds of instructors worldwide to teach advanced principles, at his best to help you focus laser-like!

It’s subconscious problem-solving techniques that guide you to construct vivid scenarios in your mind so you can extract your inner intuition, wisdom, and creativity to overcome any challenge you’re facing.

And with so many of us around the world facing new challenges that may not have obvious solutions, being able to go within for answers is critical.

These Master Class events were recorded live and include an expansion of the original Silva tools. The 3 Fingers technique for accelerated learning and confidence building. The ultimate reframing/manifestation tool – Mirror Of The MindThe Laboratory and Counselors concept. And Holoviewing to access inner wisdom and gain guidance.