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Unshriven – Kindle Edition

Unshriven – Kindle Edition


By June Kidd

Unshriven is a true and factual account of an extraordinary happening in the life of the author, June Kidd. As a writer with dyslexia, having completed a course on Imagination, Meditation, and Mind Discipline (The Silva Method) June found that not only could she now spell but had also developed a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity’. Living in the Middle East at the time and working on a 20th-century novel set near Shakespeare’s Stratford-on-Avon, this most extraordinary gift was to result in her writing the 17th-century biographies of Rachel and Hannah Myer. Their story was one of a brutal murder, the panic of plague, a tragic miscarriage of justice, the binding power of unrequited love and a death-bed vow: “Never to rest until the truth is told and the shame lifted from my family name”. Assuming this saga had emanated from her free-wheeling imagination, on returning to the United Kingdom June found herself following a most bizarre trail of ‘coincidence’, and discovered that her ‘fictitious’ story was provable and previously unknown 17th-century church and village history! A miscarriage of justice committed at that time was reaching across the centuries for resolution by the Church, requiring her intervention.