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Silva Life System: The Core of Silva Method Program

Everyone wishes to lead a conscious life. But, how? Imagine getting to participate in life-changing events that help overcome obstacles. Now, you may think, why a conscious life is crucial? “Conscious Living” is a buzzword word. Let’s break it down and understand from the basics. Leading a conscious life helps us in becoming more aware of ourselves. It teaches us to listen to what our mind and body need. Thus, we make more informed and considered decisions in our daily life based on these factors. This way, we feel much more fulfilled and have a greater sense of happiness in our day-to-day lives.


  • Gaining precise guidance to make important life decisions
  • Mastering anxiety
  • Sound sleeping and waking up rested
  • Creating richer connections in your alliances
  • Improving your memory power
  • mind and body healing
  • Expanding your learning capacity
  • Activating your mind to manifest goals
  • Trusting your instincts that rockets you towards your goals

5 ways you can lead a conscious life


Practice meditation or yoga Sometimes being alone is the best way to find out your true self: talents, faults.


  • Get to know yourself – Make a list of the things:
  • 1. What do you desire?
  • 2. What makes you happy and what does not?
  • 3. What works best and also what does not work for you?
  • 4. What are your strengths
  • 5. What are your weaknesses?

These make a positive impact on our life towards conscious living :

  • Learn to accept yourself


Always be true to yourself. Accepting yourself as you are straightway can be hard but worth giving a try. This helps in taking decisions based on what is best for you.  Self-appreciation is also essential.


  • Spend your time wisely


Have you ever checked how many hours of screen time you had this week? Hair-raising, isn’t it?  Instead, learn something new.


  • Being grateful
  • Being grateful leans your personality towards a more positive, happy, and fulfilled mindset.  Good vibes only!

Why the Silva Life System?


With 50+ years of experience, the Silva life system is an empowerment program designed to unleash the power of your mind. Silva’s life system program benefits you in every field of your life.  Now, let’s come to the best of the program.


  • ANYONE and EVERYONE can do this. All you need to do is, join the millions of people who have benefitted from this program. Silva life system program is all about determination, patience, and belief in yourself.
  • Silva programs have the scientific backing as well as social proof of the Silva Life System.
  • The beauty of the Silva Life System can follow the routine at your own pace. All you need to do is give half an hour in the morning or before going to bed. Go through the exercises and lecture tracks. And yeah , if you get too busy, don’t worry , start from where you left. No matter what pace you proceed, within time you’ll still experience all the life-changing benefits.

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